Access To THE ARTS


To bring the healing gift of The Arts, to those denied access.

This being carried out through the talents of Students of the Arts from surrounding art institutions such as:

•The Cleveland Institute of Art

•The Cleveland Institute of Music

•The Cleveland orchestra

as well as Professional:







President and Founder

Graham L. Grund

“I started all this in 1991, because I needed something to do. I truly came out of the gloom into the sunlight. I’m just doing the way I was taught. I’ve been put in places I really didn’t want to go, but friends have been the joy of my life.” Her blue eyes sparkle and a huge smile lights up her face. “But, Access To The Arts has been the icing on the cake. And I just love cake!”    - Graham Grund Founder and President of ATTA.

Our Misson


Established  1991

What we Offer


Access to the Arts provides an extraordinary range of arts opportunities to the ill and to the elderly.

Arts Programming is Provided in:

Nursing Homes ◦Hospitals ◦Hospices ◦Senior Centers ◦Long-term care facilities ◦Retirement Communities


Classical ◦Opera ◦Jazz ◦Rhythm & Blues ◦World War II Songs ◦Ethnic Favorites ◦Spirituals

Specially Guided

Museum Tours ◦Arm-chair Travel ◦Arts Enrichment ◦Lectures & Discussions

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. -Berthold Auerbach

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. -

   Edgar Degas

“You can get what you want if you know how,”-

Graham Grund

Access to the Arts

12200 Fairhill Rd.

Cleveland, Oh 44120

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